Topic: Risk Management

Master Trader Programme

This online course is will help you to trade using key technical indicators and how to trade new and events. It also covers the how to use the MT4 platform and manage your risk.

CISI & Expert Strategies Trading Programme

This course is designed to help you develop your trading knowledge and skills. The course has six modules covering key trading strategies, trade management techniques and some technical analysis.

Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading

This one-week trading course will give you a good introduction to trading the financial markets. It covers the key areas to fundamental and technical analysis and risk management.

Trading Skills Course

This course provides an introduction to financial markets and how to build a trading strategy. It introduces all the key topics of technical and fundamental analysis with a focus on risk management.

Advanced Trading Course

This in depth course gives a comprehensive understanding of the different trading techniques used by financial market professionals. It starts with an introduction to the financial markets and trading. It then looks at how to use both fundamental, technical analysis and trading psychology to build a successful trading strategy.

2 Day FOREX Bootcamp

This Live 2 Day FX Course is designed to help you on the road to becoming a successful and profitable forex trader. The first day take an in depth look into technical analysis. The second day continues with more technical analysis and finished with risk management and day trading strategies.