Choosing the right trading course

Some people want to get independent expert feedback on their strategy or have a health check on their trading style. Some want to learn more about technical analysis or just want to get an overview of how to trade. Others want to gain further professional qualifications, supplement their income, manage their pensions, or trade full time. 

Whatever your reasons for going on a course, here are five things to consider:

  • Is it relevant to your skill level?

Don’t try to run before you can walk. Be honest about where you are in your trading journey and then you can find the most appropriate course. 

If you try to move forward too quickly you will soon be out of your depth and reduce your chance of success.

  • How much time do you have? 

The old mantra ‘Don’t take on more than you chew’ really applies here. Be honest and realistic.

If you try to take on too much it can be overwhelming and decreases your chance of success.

  • What learning method suits you best? 

Some people prefer to do an online course at their own pace, others prefer campus style group learning or a mix of the two.

Choose a course which has the method you are most comfortable with as it will make your learning more enjoyable and successful.

  • Does the course cover your subject matter?

It might seem obvious, but you need to spend some time investigating the course syllabus to make sure the course covers the right topics.

You need to be clear about your goals before you start so you can focus on finding the exactly right course to help you achieve them.

  • What’s your budget? 

It is important to consider your budget and find a course you can afford. Avoid the trap of borrowing money in the hope you’ll be able make it all back.

You DON’T have to spend a lot especially if you’re getting started, there are lots of courses that offer free materials.

Use our Search Table to help you find the most suitable course for you.

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