The Gone Fishin' Portfolio by Alexander Green

The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio is a practical guide on how to create a simple and effective investment strategy. It gives new investors a clear introduction to basic investing principles.

‘Nobody cares more about your money that you do. Ultimately, your financial welfare is up to you.’

About the Author Alexander Green

The author Alexander Green has years of experience in the financial markets. He is the Investment director at The Oxford Club and Chairman of Investment U. He is focused on helping people to generate wealth so they can focus on the things that really matter.

‘You may not believe you’re qualified to manage your money yourself. If so, I beg to differ. Investing can be made breathtakingly simple.’

What is The Going Fishin’ Portfolio About

The book examines six crucial factors that will impact your investment success.

  • How much you save
  • How long your investments compound
  • Your asset allocation
  • Those assets annual return
  • How much you pay in expenses
  • How much you pay in taxes

The author makes a strong case for why an Index Fund portfolio is likely to be the most successful strategy for new investors. He runs through his portfolio and explains the reasons behind its success and shows you how to build and simply manage it.

What will you learn from The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio?

You can manage your own money and it is simpler that you think.

‘In this industry there is a lot of jargon and investment complexity that are off-putting to the average investor. But you have no more need to master all this arcane knowledge to manage your money effectively that you need to understand how a combustion engine works to drive from here to the post office.’

Investment success comes from understanding basic investment principles, putting them to work in an effective strategy and applying a bit of discipline.

You can’t predict the market, nor should you try, and it doesn’t matter in the long run. Markets will go up and down but by a simple allocation of assets invested in the market you can manage your risk and success.

The author does believe you can make money buying individual stocks and speculating on the market. However, it takes hard work, knowledge, experience and plenty of mistakes so start by building an index fund portfolio to meet your long-term goals first.

By focusing on an index funds and ETF based investment strategy you can avoid many of the pitfalls and behaviours that reduce successful returns. As the author likes to say, ‘Get Wise, Get Wealthy and Get on with your Life.’

The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio Review Conclusion

This book provides a clear and professionally written introduction to investing. It flows nicely and is easy to read. It will give you a good understanding of how and why you should start investing in the markets with an Index based portfolio.

Note from the Reviewer: This book gave me the confidence to start my own simple index-based portfolio.

BTB Recommendation: – Best for Beginners starting their investment journey and investors looking to take control of their long-term investments.

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