The Great Crash 1929

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John Kenneth Galbraith’s now-classic account of the 1929 stock market collapse, The Great Crash 1929 remains the definitive book on the most disastrous cycle of boom and bust in modern times.

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Summary for The Great Crash 1929

The Great Crash 1929 examines the causes, effects, aftermath and long-term consequences of America’s infamous financial meltdown, showing how rampant speculation and blind optimism sustained a market mania and led to its terrible downward spiral. Galbraith also describes the people and the corporations at the heart of the financial community and how they were affected by the disaster. With its depiction of the ‘gold-rush fantasy’ ingrained in America’s psychology, this penetrating study of human greed and folly contains lessons that are still vital today – and are now more relevant than ever.


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