The Big Five for Life

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A business parable with a difference, THE BIG FIVE FOR LIFE is a story of great leadership, savvy decision-making and is a powerful reminder that successful leaders are not just in the business of business – they are in the business of life. Read our Review on The Big 5 for Life and how this book can help you on your trading and investment journey.

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Thomas Derale, a mild-mannered businessman from Chicago, embodies leadership’s greatest secret: his companies make fortunes, his people love him, and his customers are willing to wait weeks just to do business with him. At age 55, though, Derale is dying, and through a series of final encounters with key people in his life – primarily his wife, Maggie, and Joe, who regards Thomas as his mentor – we learn about his life, his unique business insights, and the true impact the man and his work has had on the people around him.


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