Welcome to our How to Own the World Book Review. How to Own the World covers all the key topics new investors need to understand to start successfully investing. The books is featured in our 5 best investing books for beginners.

‘How to Own the World will show you making a good return on your money and becoming truly wealthy as a result over time, is easier than you ever thought.’

About the Author Andrew Craig

The author Andrew Craig has over 20 years experience in the financial markets. He started in the bond market at UBS before moving into equities with Credit Agricole (France’s biggest bank) and SEB (one of Sweden’s leading banks). He specialised in European small and mid-cap stocks.

In addition to his practical experience, he has read more investment books than nearly anyone else on the planet.

Andrew has a website called Plain English Finance which helps people to develop their personal wealth. He also runs his own Fund. The book was first published in in 2012 but has since been updated and reprinted in 2019.

The author’s mission is to improve the financial affairs of as many people as possible.

What will you learn from How to Own the World?

You will learn why you have advantages as an amateur investor over some of the professionals. In the modern age you have access to more financial products and information than ever before. Making more money from your money than your job is genuinely possible.

‘Making money from your money (investing) is far easier than you’ve always thought. If you managed to learn how to drive, you can look after your money, it’s no harder.’

The book will alert you to some key economic themes. These will be vital to your understanding of how to grow your money. You will learn about the power of compound interest, inflation, and economic growth.

‘If you understand the real numbers, you have an informational advantage over those who don’t, and you can use this to make more real money from your investments.’

The author looks in depth at property and pensions as investments and has some contrarian views which are quite enlightening. If you are renting and worried about buying a house this will give you an interesting perspective. If you are think about whether to invest in an ISA or a SIPP, you should read his thoughts.

You will learn about the different assets available for investment and why you should own them. The book has detailed information on equities and gives you the basics of how to value a company.

It also goes into detail about commodities with a particular focus on gold and crypto currencies.

You will learn about the different investment vehicles including funds, ETFs to Unit Trusts and what to look out for.

With the help of examples, you will learn how to build and manage a portfolio of diversified assets. This will allow you to benefit from a variety of economic conditions.

The book also introduces the importance of understanding human psychology., demonstrating how to use different forms of analysis including technical and fundamental analysis and why trading and spread betting can be useful weapons in your armoury.

How to Own the World Review Conclusion

The book is a great introduction to investing. It shows you how you can learn to invest so ‘you can make more money from your money than you ever thought possible.’

The focus is on learning how to build a diversified portfolio of assets which will allow you to benefit from many different economic themes and events. By effectively owning the world you can increase your wealth.

While the book covers a lot of ground to give a better understanding how the financial world works and how you can benefit, it still focuses on the key themes that will greatly improve your financial knowledge.

It is also full of practical advice on where to find more information to develop your knowledge.

The author is showing you the door to the world of investing. It is up to you if you want to enter.

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