Here you will find a collection of Book Reviews and Articles which are all focused on Investing.

60-40 Portfolio Guide

The 60-40 portfolio has been one of the most common investment strategies over the last 40 years and is the default portfolio used by many financial advisors and investors.

Index Fund Beginners Guide

Index Funds have a particularly good track record compared to actively managed funds and are recommended by many of the world's top investors.

How to invest in Index Funds

This blog is designed to help new investors learn how to invest in index funds. It follows on from the Beginner's Guide to Index Funds

How to read a Fact Sheet

It is important to read the fact sheet before investing in an index fund to make sure you fully understand what you are investing in

Key Investor Information Document

Find out how to read the Key Investor Information Document before you pick an index fund

Pound Cost Averaging Explained

If you are new to investing or nervous about investing a lump sum in one go, pound cost averaging is a highly effective system.

4 tips to maximise your investment returns

4 tips for successful long term investing that everyone must follow

Ready-made Portfolios Beginners Guide

Ready-made portfolios are an excellent starting point for new investors. They offer great value for the level of expertise and management.

How to save money for investing

To reach your financial goals you must save money for investing. Some people might have a large sum to invest but that is rare. For most investors, the funds come from savings.

How to start investing for beginners

Here are four simple and easy steps to help you start investing.